Wes Maciejewski Mathematics/Education


I am currently an Assistant Professor of mathematics at San José State University.


A focus on undergraduate mathematics education.
Understanding and Improving Undergraduate Mathematics Education

    My main research focus is on undergraduate mathematics education. Specific areas of interest are:
   1. understanding the undergraduate educational experience. How do instructors view their students and how does this influence the education they offer? How do students view mathematics and how does this influence the way they engage with mathematics?
    2. exploring how mathematicians and math students anticipate solutions to mathematical problems. Are mathematicians more judicious in their choice of solution? How may this be taught?
    3. Improving undergraduate mathematics education, especially in “service” courses.

   I have an affinity for whole-class, quantitative studies that have potential to uncover phenomena of educational significance. I find myself employing techniques from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) tradition in my research. These tend to focus on the whole class rather than on individual students. The motivation for my work is to create effective, research-based educational experiences for mathematics students.

    To find out more, and for my publications, please visit my research page.


I place a great emphasis on interaction and collective understanding in my courses. The lecture is long past its expiry date; let's put it to rest.

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