My main current research focus is on, broadly, undergraduate mathematics education. This includes the following:

  • Understanding and developing flexible procedural knowledge in undergraduate mathematics students (joint work with Jon R. Star).
  • Developing a theory of mathematicians’ future thinking – something I call mathematical foresight (joint work with Bill Barton, Reece Roberts, and Donna Rose Addis).
  • Evaluating classroom models and their influence on student academic achievement and mathematical understanding.

Publications in undergraduate mathematics education are below.

I also have an interest in (community/technical) college mathematics education.

Other education publications are as follows.

  • Maciejewski,W., Roberts, R., and Addis, D.R. (2016). Episodic Future Thinking in Mathematical Situations. PME 40.
  • Maciejewski,W. and Barton, B. (2016). A Framework for Students’ Mathematical Foresight. ICME ’13.
  • Davies, B., Yoon, C., Griffith Moala, J., and Maciejewski, W. (2016). Principles for Designing Invention Tasks for Undergraduate Mathematics. ICME ’13.
  • Maciejewski, W., Mgombelo, J., and Savard, A. (2011). Meaningful Procedural Knowledge in Mathematics Learning. In Liljedahl, P. (Ed.) Proceedings of the 2011 Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Kajander, A., Mason, R., Taylor, P., Doolittle, E., Boland, T., Jarvis, D., and Maciejewski, W. (2010). Multiple visions of teachers understandings of mathematics. For the Learning of Mathematics, 30, pp. 50-56.

In a former life I researched mathematical biology. My primary focus was on the influence of population structure on the evolution of social behaviours. The following are my published mathematical biology articles.